Content updated -October 2021

Protein Design Pvt. Ltd.

Company's Goal

The principal goal of the company is to develop technologies for engineering and producing proteins and antibodies for applications ranging from research & development; academic explorations, diagnostics setups and even therapeutics. We have developed and hold licenses for many proprietary platforms suitable for production of recombinant hormones, antibodies and other proteins/ reagents. Our present development plan includes introducing expression ready clones for various Biosimilars and biologics.

Key Offerings

Proprietary single dose immunization for antibody raising. Glycoprotein expression in the yeast with human-like glycan moieties. Protein expression, purification, characterization strategy design and downstream processing. Bioassay development and validation. Antibody development and humanization Assays for receptor-ligand interaction Stable cell line generation.

1. SinVac antibody generation platform 2. Glycoengineered yeast for glycoproteins 3. Biologics & BioSimilars - Designing and expression optimization

Us & Clients

The founder members are well established scientists in the field of life sciences with wide experience in the basic as well as applied sciences. It is anticipated that with our expertise in the areas of synthetic biology, protein expression, purification and characterization along with antibody generation and screening, the company is in an optimal position to cater to these requirements. Given the tools are generalized, our potential client list will include: > Research & Development laboratories
> Diagnostic laboratories
> Veterinary institutes and
> Pharmaceutical companies

SIBRI support 2019
Elevate Prize 2020

These are the things we do best!

Decades of experience in the areas of molecular biology, biotechnology, genetic engineering, biochemistry, immunology, antibody engineering, synthetic biology, reproductive biology, cancer biology, genomics and cell biology.

To know what to do and to get it done
is what we are good at!

Talk to us about your requirements, we will “FIGURE OUT” the best way to take it forward!

Our Team!

The team members are well established scientists in the field of Biology biotechnology with wide experience in the basic and applied sciences. We have decades of experience in the areas of molecular biology, biotechnology, biochemistry, immunology, antibody engineering and more. We are optimally placed to meet all your requirements.

Prof. Rajan Dighe

JC Bose National Fellow Member of all the National Science Academies Ex-Faculty & Chair, MRDG, IISc Expert in Protein engineering, Biotechnology, Vaccine development, immunology and more.

Dr. Deepti Saini

PhD in cancer biology and immunology. Post doctoral training Transplantation immunlogy and animal models. Expertise in genomics and proteomics. Certified teacher and training module develeopeer.

Protein infrastructure

Expression in bacteria, yeast & mammalian cells. Automated protein purification system

Molecular Biology setup

Backgroud 2
Complete setup for molecular work including RTPCR and western, ELISA etc.

Hands ON training

Background 3
Practical training and laboratory projects for students